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National Association of Students from Public Administration Schools - Romania

The experience that the work in a professional organization of public administration students can supply you with is a really solid opportunity of forming teams and managing projects, of learning and accumulating specific procedures and techniques of work from the field of implementing and organizing the implementation of the law in the institutions of the Romanian state. Moreover we will have the occasion of capitalizing the teamwork and adaptability aptitudes.
We want to open a way for students in management studies, supplying them with a new approach, a new way of considering the executive field trying to offer opportunities of affirmation in the administrative activity. We would like this approach of ours to extend at a national level and we have in this sense promising clues.
We would like to contribute, beyond the academic debate, to the formation and professional affirmation of our members. We promote the active involvement of the future graduates in the ranks of the civil servants and we encourage them to join the efforts of improving the capacity of action of the administration, to construct a strong and stable public sector.
Our projects are addressed to the students of the faculties and specializations of public administration and management. The National Association of Students from Public Administration Schools represents a necessary and brave beginning, a unique collective experience and we hope a recognized entity in the professional and academic media. We want to facilitate the formation of good specialists, realist and pragmatic, which will prepare the future of examination in public administration. We decided to act for performance and quality in public management very necessary in the reform of the administration. We consider that the reform of the public administration is a complex process that needs preoccupied specialists, financial, logistic and informational resources. The National Association of Students from Public Administration Schools will militate for a civil servants corps with the necessary qualification which to have an assured career plan and the motivation to follow it. We will undertake measures in the sense of applying certain professional and transparent selection criteria as well as for the necessity of a continuous formation process.
In this sense we will also focus on other target-groups, as: the institutions of public, central and local administration, institutions of high education, unions, political parties, professional organizations from the field of public administration and mass-media.
These desiderata we are trying to reach through the activities, which we will undertake together with our members and sustainers.
For The National Association of Students from Public Administration Schools to gain the respect of the authorities, of possible members, practitioners from the administration, professors from the academic field, financers and other organizations, it must construct a credible identity which to be recognized by everyone and to present this identity in a professional and objective way.

The mission of the association is to sustain the consolidation of the capacity of action of the public administration structures.

The purpose of the association is to have a performant administration with competent specialists in the management of the public sector.

The association has the following objectives:
- the support for the formation of future specialists, competent in the field of administrative sciences;
- the defense of rights and interests of students in administrative sciences;
- the granting of logistic and professional support to its members and the promotion of the role and identity of the young civil servant;
- the improvement of the degree of knowledge of the specificity of work and the particularities in the field of public administration in the ranks of students in the faculties of this type;
- the development of a national collaboration network of students in administrative sciences which to facilitate and capitalize the training and professional formation of our members;
- the establishment of a collaboration and partnership relation with similar organizations in the country and abroad;
- the promotion of principles specific to the activity in the field of the public sector and the support for the strengthening of knowledge and their application;
- the organization of conferences, seminars, workshops, roundtables and other practical actions of professionalism in the field of activity of the association;
- the administration and development of specific programs and projects and the evaluation of their impact and practical results;
- the initiation and maintenance of collaboration contacts with authorities of the public administration, other public, central and local institutions, unions, political parties, professional organizations from the field of the public administration and mass-media with the purpose of the facilitation of the fulfillment of the objectives of NASPAS.

Contact us
Romania, Bucharest, Sector 5, Eforie street no. 5, Room 207 M
Phone: 00 40722 313 699
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